RE VITO & ACTS OF SAVAGERY — A voter’s perspective

Sent: Monday, March 07, 2011 4:52 PM
To: Representative Vito Barbieri

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It is unclear to me whether you derive pleasure or is it just your basic black nature to deny federal benefits to the unemployed in this pro-business state. Perhaps Mussolini is a hero of yours? What is your exact problem really? You aren’t saving your precious state money thats been proven. Your pals in business won’t loose a dime either. You won’t even consider asking your pals to open up some jobs to help the unemployed, will ya? What is the unemployment in your district? Your actions portray you as a vindicate, cruel person out to make the citizens you were elected to help suffer for no more of a reason than petty pleasure. I sincerely hope you are voted out of office next time around.

Thank you for writing, XXXXX.

Your hyperbole is not lost on me.

Despite your blatant insinuation that I am somehow &#145pro-business,’ I believe you are missing a key aspect of my world view. Let me try to explain: The Federal government is BORROWING 1.5 TRILLION dollars a year. Projections are that it will be 1.8 trillion dollars next year. In other words, we are not &#145investing’ in our unemployed. We are not &#145investing’ in our children’s future. We are burying our children and our grandchildren in a debt burden that cannot mathematically be repaid. We are sacrificing our children’s future for the benefit of our current situation.

I sincerely hope that our situation is not the same or worse next year, because our socialist federal government will borrow further, and create another extension for unemployed, in the hope that it can &#145prop up’ our economy. This is a ridiculous belief. Production is the only path to economic stability. The welfare state, the nanny state, the redistribution of wealth would be a mistake for a wealthy nation. It is suicide for a debtor nation.

Regulations must be relaxed for business to thrive. Thriving businesses employ people. That is where we should be putting our efforts. Reduce zoning regulations. Reduce licensing regulations. Let the entrepreneur start his business in the garage without overburdening him/her with government inspections and rules.

Unemployment benefits now come from borrowed money. Borrowed money results in slavery, not productivity.

Our values differ, and I don’t expect you to agree, but it is important that you understand, whether we agree or not, that the nation is no longer &#145wealthy.’ I cannot support programs that offer a hand out when we refuse to consider the long term implications for our children.

Vito Barbieri
Rep. Vito Barbieri