The moderates have convinced a group of the…

The moderates have convinced a group of the Freshmen Representatives that a”band-aid” is considered a fix for the Health Exchange. Rep. Malek presented a so called Trailer Bill to Gov. Otter’s State Exchange bill, which would add two legislators to the Exchange Board with no ability to vote, as a way of providing more legislative oversight. Malek’s bill promises to notify citizens of changes to the federal rules, as if that means knowing ahead of time lessens the Draconian effect.

Our School Districts are, not surprisingly, facing yet another financial crunch. Without the ability to have open negotiations with the union, and a date certain when those negotiations will end, the School Board has no ability to control costs. I am the first person to agree that School District 271 needs no more funding. But with union handcuffs, it is incredibly clear that the Board has all the responsibility and no enforcement tools.

A proposal relating to Health Care Sharing Ministries was presented in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee on Monday, February 11, 2013. Health Care Sharing Ministries are excellent alternative methods for helping individuals cover the costs of medical services. These organizations have been exempted from classification as insurance by Obama’s Affordable Care Act. This proposal was modeled after legislation that has passed in 22 other states, including Washington. A full hearing with discussion will be forthcoming.