Idaho Governor acts Decisively to Protect Public from Unlicensed Curling Irons

Governor Otter hasn’t a Republican bone in his body, acting more like a public school teacher bent on growing the Administrative State over public interests, than a Statesman with character, guts, and vision.

Otter’s Veto stamp proves once and for all RINO’s have a perfect example from which to emulate their talk of citizen liberty while acting to empower bureaucrats.

Tax food? No problem. It’s a steady source of Revenue for the Bureaucratic State.

Protect licensing Boards, limit competition, and regulate dangerous occupations like sign language and hair cutters? Certainly! Gotta consider those self-serving ‘stakeholders’!

Two of Otter’s recent Veto’s have the same ideological base as his Veto seven years ago of the State Nullification effort: They ALL protect the status quo with the effect of limiting legislative power to represent the taxpayers of Idaho.

RINO’s like Otter put State needs first, Administrative bureaucrats second, and taxpayers last.

It’s too bad we have to wait two more years to put this self-proclaimed libertarian cowboy out to pasture.